Originally from the southwest of France, and now living in Paris, Lastvuska was interested in music and production from an early age. He spent ten years planning a local festival where reggae and dub culture was highlighted.


Inspired by Jazz, Dub and Detroit techno sounds, and after years of experimenting and fine tuning his production skills, edging closer to finding his own style, he came to the surface in 2018 with a first track released on the Dublin label Standalone Records.

While running the vinyl label Lüüd Discs he created with a close friend, he also put out of the box a second magnificent dub house track called "Crimée" in 2019 in the « 55 » various artists EP, inspired by the underground areas of Paris.

Member and activist of the Parisian collective HORS-SOL, he is now taking for 3 years, more time to focus on growing his potential in the studio and concentrating on releasing his first EP in the near futur.