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HORS-SOL parties are a place of festive expression, light-heartedness and human communion. Moments of collective sharing where freedom, open-mindedness and respect for others are essential pillars.




Respect each other's space, consent and bodies, and be attentive to others.

Take responsibility for yourself, your actions and your words.

Respect for everyone's body and consent are the keys to a party where everyone feels safe and at home.

If you notice any dangerous or discriminatory behaviour, whether sexist, racist, homophobic or any other form of aggression or harassment, don't just stand by: report it immediately to the staff and members of our collective.





During our events, don't forget to look after each other as if we were one family.

Adopt responsible and reasonable behaviors in the way you part
y, and leave excesses to one side.

It's first of all about your health and safety, but also about our responsibility and the one of the venue that's opening its doors to our collective.

Any dangerous behaviour, whether on an individual basis or towards others, must be reported immediately.




Our party are the time for disconnection and letting go.

We therefore encourage you to take full advantage of this opportunity to leave your phone and all social medias behind. Use them only for urgent necessity.

Photos are not forbidden, but we ask you to respect the privacy of those who do not wish to be photographed while they are partying, as well as the artists.



We advocate a party philosophy where the dance-floor is primary : dedicated to partying, dancing and sharing.

Respect each other's dance space and take care not to jostle or step on those around you.

To learn more about sexual consent, please take a moment to visit and read at

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